Assembly Fiscal Committee Approves Stone Legislation

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—The Assembly Appropriations Committee has approved several bills by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay).  The following bills will be sent to the Assembly Floor for consideration by the full Assembly:


AB 684 (Stone) Coastal Commission Transparency: This measure will allow the public to access key information on who Commissioners have met with prior to making important land use decisions.  The bill increases transparency and accountability at the California Coastal Commission by requiring ex parte communications with Commissioners to be available to the public on a searchable database.  It also requires Commissioners to disclose these communications at hearings. Ex parte communications are currently required to be filed in meeting reports, which are made available to the public online and at the meetings, but the information is not available in a form that the public can readily search.


AB 935 (Stone) Equality for Juvenile Competency Proceedings: This measure makes the California juvenile justice system better serve youth suffering with mental illness.  It provides juveniles with the same protections currently provided to adults in competency proceedings.  Specifically, it establishes clear timelines and processes for the determination of juvenile competency in court proceedings and in the evaluation and delivery of remediation services. Further, the measure clearly lays out who must provide the mental health treatment for remediation and puts a cap on the length of time that youth can stay in juvenile halls, which can be inappropriate placements for longer-term mental health services.


AB 1269 (Stone) Mobilehome Park Dispute Mediation: This bill helps residents of mobilehome parks resolve disputes with park owners without going through expensive civil litigation.  Specifically, the measure balances the relationship between residents and park owners by establishing a process for the investigation and mediation of the Mobilehome Residency Law at the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.  Residents would be able to more quickly and less expensively resolve issues related to home sales, complaint responses, and charges leading to eviction.

For more information:  Arianna Smith