Stone Issues Statement on Cap & Trade Vote

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) has issued the below statement following his vote against AB 398:

“Today I voted against the cap and trade legislation because, while the bill does continue the market mechanism intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it provides too much in the way of allowances to those most responsible for generating greenhouse gas emissions.  I’m especially disappointed that the agreement failed to hold polluters accountable for their businesses’ detrimental impacts on climate and air quality.  It is telling that oil companies, utilities, and polluting manufacturers no longer have problems with the measure, but environmentalists and anti-poverty groups remain opposed. The Legislature has not been told what promises were made to the industries responsible for polluting California in order to get their support. I cannot imagine that there will be much left of the greenhouse gas reduction funds after all of those promises are realized. I cannot stand with big business at the expense of families in my district. Whether or not this program will work as promised remains to be seen, but with too much being given away to the worst polluting industries, I could not see this passing with my name on it.”

On June 19, Stone co-signed a letter to Governor Brown describing the principles necessary to justify an extension of the cap and trade regulation. Most of those principles were ignored in the current legislation.


For more information:  Arianna Smith