Stone Issues Statement on Imminent Deportation of Santa Cruz Constituent

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) has issued a statement regarding the imminent deportation of one of his constituents who were detained as a result of the February ICE raid in the City of Santa Cruz:

“Today I sent a letter to an ICE immigration official urging an emergency stay of removal on behalf of one of my constituents, a valued member of my community, who is set to be deported imminently.  My constituent has lived here for over a decade with an extended family including children, works for a local employer, and has built a productive and quiet life here in the Monterey Bay area.  That quiet life was welcomed and deserved after this person fled a violent country over a decade ago. But this person, who has no criminal background, was detained during the February raid conducted by ICE with the help of the Santa Cruz Police Department, without an arrest warrant or a home search warrant.  This person has no gang affiliation, which was the purported purpose and target of the raid. 

Shortly after I heard about the raids in my district, I voiced my outrage that the Department of Homeland Security used a criminal investigation into gang activities as an opportunity to conduct an immigration raid with the help of Santa Cruz Police Department.  At that time, I stated that those raids undermined local trust of law enforcement and would cause fear that loved ones, neighbors and friends could simply be whisked away in the dead of night without warning and without cause.  If my constituent is deported, the case will exemplify the collateral damage of such raids -- eroded community trust and reduced public safety.

Today I implore ICE to grant stays on pending deportations of those community members who are trying to leave behind violence in the countries they fled, and live quiet, productive lives with their families – just like my constituent.”


Contact:  Arianna Smith