Legislature Approves Stone Bill to Provide Recourse to Mobilehome Residents

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO— The California Legislature approved AB 1269 by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) which helps residents of mobilehome parks resolve disputes with park owners without going through expensive civil litigation. 


“More than 700,000 people live in California’s approximately 7,000 mobilehome parks.  These residents need AB 1269 to balance the relationship between themselves and park owners,” said Assemblymember Mark Stone.  “For seniors on fixed incomes and other low-income residents, litigation is too expensive and burdensome to resolve many violations – even those violations that can greatly impact their quality of life.” 


The measure balances the relationship between residents and park owners by establishing a process for the investigation and mediation of the Mobilehome Residency Law (MRL) at the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.  Residents would be able to more quickly and less expensively resolve issues related to home sales, complaint responses, and charges leading to eviction.


Because no state entity has jurisdiction over violations of the MRL, residents must turn to civil litigation to get their complaints resolved.  As a result, residents often drop complaints instead of pursuing this costly path.  Common violations of the MRL include selective, inconsistent  enforcement of park rules; park owners violating their own park rules of “no subletting” by renting out their mobile homes, but not allowing homeowners to rent out their own mobile homes; interference with home sales, attempts to prevent homeowners from use of the clubhouse, especially for meetings; onsite management failure to keep posted office hours or respond to resident complaints; excessive bullying and threatening behavior by onsite managers; and frivolous charges leading to eviction. 


In order to fund this new authority and these duties, AB 1269 would allow DFEH to annually assess upon the management of a mobilehome park a registration fee of $10 for each mobilehome located within the park.  The bill would authorize management to pass this fee to the owner of each mobilehome.


AB 1269 now goes to the Governor’s desk.


Contact:  Arianna Smith