California Assembly Approves Stone Legislation

For immediate release:
Assembly Seal

Assembly Seal

SACRAMENTO—The California State Assembly has approved several bills by Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay).  The following bills await consideration in the Senate:





AB 38: Student Loan Servicing Act Updates:  The Student Loan Servicing Act gave California the power to regulate student loan servicers and protect borrowers. AB 38 carries on the Act’s goals by improving implementation through the Department of Business Oversight and increasing transparency within this industry which often lacks readily available information.


AB 2751: Reducing Bargaining Agreement Delays:  This measure requires the Agricultural Labor Relations Board to study how to eliminate delays and expedite the implementation of bargaining agreements ordered by the ALRB after mandatory mediation and provide recommendations and adopt regulations to implement any recommendations. 


AB 2376: Taxpayer Standing in Local Government Lawsuits: This measure clarifies criteria sufficient to establish taxpayer standing to sue a local government entity for alleged wasteful or illegal expenditures, such as payment of sales and use taxes, income taxes, business license taxes, and property taxes.


AB 2192: State-Funded Research Publications:  Under current law, California taxpayers fund scientific research through grants given to scholars, but the published results of such projects often remain behind paywalls. This bill requires that results from state-funded research are free and accessible to the public.




AB 2421: Protecting and Restoring Habitats for Monarch Butterflies and Pollinators:  This measure establishes the Monarch & Pollinator Rescue Program (MPRP) at the Wildlife Conservation Board. MPRP will provide grants and technical assistance to farmers, ranchers, nonprofits and public agencies to recover and sustain populations of monarchs and other pollinators.


AB 2849: Protecting Sierra Nevada Forests and Watershed:  This bill updates three components of the Sierra Nevada Conservancy operations to help protect the Sierra Nevada Watershed, improve public policymaking decisions, and ensure California tribal recognition for grant funding.


AB 2934: Protecting Families from Lead Paint Dangers:  This bill would authorize the Department of Public Health to authorize local health departments to implement and administer certification program for employees who engage in or supervise lead-related construction work.


AB 2549: Streamlining Exchange Process for Tidelands and Submerged Lands: This bill authorizes the State Lands Commission to convey lands it acquires in a land exchange to a local jurisdiction to hold in trust for the public. By streamlining this process, the Commission will be able to complete land exchanges more efficiently.




AB 2533: Improving Access to Basic Needs for Prisoners in Poverty: Under this measure, people in prison who have $25.00 or less in their Inmate Trust Accounts for at least 30 days can access resources for communicating with the courts, and can access medical, dental, and mental health care without being charged a copayment. Current law requires only $1.00 or less. The bill also requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to supply indigent inmates with basic hygiene supplies.


AB 1214: Competency proceedings and remediation services:  This bill establishes timelines and processes relating to the determination of competency in court proceedings and the evaluation and delivery of remediation services.


AB 372 (Stone) Improving Domestic Violence Intervention Programs:  This measure modifies the components of a batterer’s treatment program, establishes requirements for the treatment program providers, and establishes additional requirements for initial program assessments by probation departments.


AB 2044: Protecting Children with Custody Agreements: This bill clarifies the best interests determination for child custody and strengthens the presumption against custody to a perpetrator of domestic violence.




AB 2608: Licensed Mental Health Service Provider Education Program for Former Foster Youth: This bill gives priority to former California foster youth over other applicants for loan repayment grants to help them complete graduate school to become Licensed Mental Health Service Providers. The measure helps ensure that more current foster youth are served by mental health care providers who have more direct, personal experience with their needs and experienced trauma.


AB 1930: Continuum of Care Reform for Foster Care: This measure builds upon many years of policy changes designed to improve outcomes for youth in foster care. AB 1930 clarifies and addresses several statewide policies related to CCR, including provisions to streamline county reviews of Resource Family Approval applications.


AB 2313: Protecting Needy Families against Phishing Scams:  This bill intends to further protect EBT benefit recipients by ensuring stolen cash benefits can be replaced for victims of phishing scams.