Stone Applauds State Budget Passage

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO — Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) has released the following statement regarding the California state budget passage:


“California leads the nation with this compassionate, progressive, balanced budget that confronts poverty, inequality, and injustice.  Here are the highlights:

  • We continue to invest in our students through funding increases to K-12 schools through Proposition 98, including providing more opportunities for low-performing students.  We’re also increasing funding to our UC and CSU schools so that more Californians can earn higher education degrees that will support our state’s economic strength.
  • We are helping more Californians get out of poverty by expanding the CalEITC tax credit to more low-income working families and individuals, increasing access to high-quality child care, and funding programs that will improve outcomes for vulnerable youth in foster care.  We’re also providing half a billion dollars in one-time emergency aid funds for local governments to address homelessness and help their residents.
  • As Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, I’m pleased to announce that the budget takes important steps to increase access to justice for all Californians by providing an extra $10 million ongoing to legal services programs, our state’s legal safety net, and by requiring that $10 million of court funding be used to provide court reporters in family law, which help families subject to child custody, child support, and domestic violence decisions.

Additionally, I am pleased to announce that several of this year’s budget provisions will have a direct and immediate benefit to our Central Coast community:

  • Senator Bill Monning and I worked together to secure $1.5 million funding for the Veterans Transition Center in Monterey County to expand its Prisoner Outreach Program and to create additional housing for formerly incarcerated veterans.  These funds will help vets reintegrate into their communities and avoid further involvement in the justice system.
  • The budget includes $3 million to fund habitat preservation and restoration for monarch butterflies and other pollinators which is available to use in local overwintering grounds and valley breeding habitats.

Overall, my voice, and by extension, the voices of my constituents in the 29th Assembly District, was heard throughout the budget process.”

Assemblymember Stone represents the people of California’s 29th Assembly District, which includes the Monterey Bay.  As Chair of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, Stone has written numerous laws to the transform the state’s child welfare system to help protect and improve the lives of its most vulnerable residents.  Prior to his time as a state legislator, he served as a California Coastal Commissioner, a Santa Cruz County Supervisor, a local school board trustee, and an attorney in the tech industry.