Governor Signs Stone Legislation

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO, CA - With a year that has been full of uncertainties and a reduced budget, Assemblymember Mark Stone (D-Monterey Bay) was able to get 10 bills signed by Governor Newsom. These bills will protect people with student loans from predatory practices, prevent intellectually disabled people from being sentenced to death row, provide safeguards for mobilehome residents and ensure that local fire protection district employees can keep their desired benefits.

The following bills will go into effect on January 1, 2021:

AB 376 - Student Borrower Bill of Rights: This bill establishes the Student Borrower Bill of Rights, ensuring that individuals with student loan debt are given reliable information, quality customer service, and meaningful access to repayment and forgiveness programs. This groundbreaking legislation will make California the first in the nation to offer student loan borrowers the same comprehensive protections that consumers with mortgages and credit cards take for granted.

AB 1140 - Fire Protection District Employee Benefits: This measure ensures that employees may continue to receive their chosen benefit plan after the consolidation of two Fire Protection Districts.

AB 2143 - No-Rehire Clean-up: Last year, AB 749 (Stone) limited the ability of companies to include “no-rehire” clauses in settlement agreements, with the exception of employees who engaged in sexual harassment or assault. At the request of the Governor, this bill expands the exception to include employees who engaged in criminal conduct.

AB 2425 - Youth Diversion Record Sealing: This bill closes a gap in our existing statute to ensure that all youth who go through diversion will have their records sealed – including kids who go through police diversion.

AB 2512 - Intellectual Disabilities & Death Row: This bill prevents the execution of people with intellectual disabilities in California, and prohibits DA’s from arguing to “bump up” IQ scores based on race in order to make a person eligible for execution.

AB 2782 - Preventing Mobilehome Park Closures: This measure ensures that homeowners are compensated if a mobilehome park closes and they are unable to relocate, and eliminates a loophole that allowed park owners to get around local rent control measures.

AB 2944 - Continuum of Care Reform Update: This is the annual bill to strengthen the Continuum of Care Reform effort, including by ensuring that all licensed community care facilities have trauma informed care, along with many other necessary clarifications.

AB 3362 - State Bar Dues Bill: This is the annual bill to establish licensing fees for California attorneys; this year’s bill lowers dues for members along with other changes. It also provides a modest funding source for newly graduated law students to work in legal aid during COVID-19.

AB 3364 - Judiciary Omnibus: This is the Judiciary Committee’s annual non-controversial omnibus bill which is a combination of the civil law omnibus bill and the family law omnibus bill along with several sunset extensions.

AB 3366 - Judicial Emergencies: This bill clarifies the authority of the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court to respond to emergencies that occur statewide or that affect multiple counties.